What do we do?

a) Educate and inform the general public [you] about the international situation of avoidable blindness in children, and b) transform that awareness into action.

Why Avoidable Childhood Blindness?

Simple. Because it’s avoidable. As expected more often than not it is a function of poverty.

Like kids everywhere in the world, these children are brilliant and full of energy and - no matter how challenging the circumstances - want to succeed in life. Some want to be teachers, some artists, some doctors and of course all want to be happy.

Like you, we also believe that one needlessly blind child is one too many. For that reason alone, we feel it is within everyone’s power to do something relatively simple: share - extend the conversation to keep avoidable blindness just that…avoidable.

How do we do it?

Half of all childhood blindness is avoidable.

Kids with Vision is a you-powered initiative to educate and promote result-driven awareness about the international situation of blindness in children.

A 100% volunteer organization; we are committed in our efforts to reduce the knowledge disconnect that occurs primarily due to non-occurrence of avoidable blindness in the United States.

Avoidable blindness includes both treatable and preventable blindness.

To that end, so far we have traveled to Bangladesh and India – two countries with high incidence of avoidable childhood blindness – to meet with these brilliant kids, learn about their ambitions and challenges, and share them with you. We hope their stories will inspire you and that you will, in turn, get involved to help initiatives aimed at keeping avoidable blindness just that: avoidable.

Our approach is grassroots and we learn from YOU! We incorporate your feedback and use that to promote action-oriented awareness across the nation.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS and all donations to Kids with Vision are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

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